Best Natural Acne Treatments

Even though natural acne treatments take time to cure, it is found to have a long lasting effect.

Natural cures are the best treatment for acne mainly because they are devoid of any side effects. Acne is an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin. The oil produced by the gland gets clogged and this in turn results in papules, pustules and comedones.

The treatment for acne can start in your home. Changing the diet to include large amount of vegetables and fruits is a proven acne treatment. Skin reflects what is happening inside the body. Avoiding junk and processed food to a large extend can be very useful in the treatment of acne. If followed strictly, change in dietary habits can be the best treatment for acne.

Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Pantothenic Acid are essential for a healthy skin. These vitamins prevent acne and the development of scars. One of the best treatments for acne includes eating food and vitamin supplements rich in these vitamins.

Applying a paste of sandalwood and fresh basil leaves on the face is a proven natural treatment for acne. The clogging of the skin oil which leads to acne is caused by particular bacteria. Applying witch hazel after washing of the face and shower can eliminate the harmful bacteria. Another best treatment for acne is applying a paste of crushed strawberry leaves.

The best natural acne treatments mainly improve the immune system of the body so that it can build up natural defense mechanisms against the harmful bacteria. Cleaning your skin by natural methods can prevent acne to a large extent. While cleaning your skin make sure that you don’t use any chemicals. Hydrated skin is a major cause of acne. Drinking lot of water can keep your skin healthy and it also helps in removing toxins. Try to avoid taking nails to your acne as it passes bacteria and leads to scarring.

If followed with care and attention, the best treatment for acne is through natural means.