Best Face Forward

Young people don’t require much of a reason to be mean to each other and acne has been a longstanding source of peer-based cruelty.

If you suffer from acne, it’s a safe bet you’ve tried creams. Face it, most of the time they don’t work. You may try makeup, but someone always seems to notice.

There will always be those who have theories as to why you have acne. While opinions vary, there are some things that can help you feel better about yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of acne frustration.

Spending time participating in physical activities and being responsive to a healthy diet may go a long way in giving your body the boost it needs to help provide the overall wellbeing you need during adolescence and beyond.

Participating in physical activities may also prove beneficial in other areas. You may have heard that stress is a condition that intensifies acne production. There are three responses to stress that you should consider.

1. You can do nothing.
2. Your physician may prescribe a drug to reduce your stress.
3. You can participate in meaningful activities to reduce your stress.

Doing nothing relegates you to victim status while the downside of a prescription drug is that, not only is it costly, but many of these stress-reducing drugs actually contribute to acne production. This leaves ‘meaningful activities’ as the best source of stress relief.

Sugar may not be the source for acute acne problems; however, excessive sugar is associated with the rise in blood sugars which may cause inflammation in the skin and a correlating rise in acne production.

While washing your face is an important part of personal hygiene, it may do little to actually eliminate acne production. Facial cleansing is a topical approach, while acne is produced in a different way. “Acne is a disorder resulting from the action of hormones and other substances on the skin’s oil glands and hair follicles. These factors lead to plugged pores and outbreaks of lesions commonly called pimples or zits.” (Department of Health and Human Services)

The Department of H.H.S. also admits, “Although acne is usually not a serious health threat, it can be a source of significant emotional distress.” Source: Questions and Answers About…Acne)

When you struggle with acne you are very aware of the emotional distress it can cause in both personal opinions and social situations.

The truth is acne is a normal part of adolescence and can follow many into adulthood. The food you eat, the amount of stress you have, the cleanliness of your face may have some bearing on your facial blemishes, but you do have options.

The real question you may be asking yourself is, “If acne will still form despite my best efforts, what is my next line of defense?” Knowledge is always a powerful tool in when you are seeking solutions.

The Zeno Acne Clearing Device works in ways traditional creams and oral treatments do not. When you apply cream or take a pill the results may ultimately be positive, but it can take several days for results to be noticed. Zeno can be used at the first sign of acne. The attractive hand held Zeno Device has a battery powered heating unit that warms the tip of the device to a temperature that kills acne bacteria when applied directly at the source of the outbreak. The Zeno Device can be used 2-3 times daily at about 2 ½ minute per treatment.

Serious acne may require a doctor’s visit, but for mild to moderate acne, the Zeno Acne Clearing Device may be the right tool to help you feel better about yourself, put your best face forward, and get back into the game of life – stress free.