Virtual Magnifying Glass

Are your eyes strained and tired after hours of work behind the computer screen? Give them a break! Magnify parts of your screen with an electronic magnifying solution and help your eyes relax. Magnifying Glass Pro is designed to help you relax and feel more comfortable while working with the computer by removing eye strain after hours of work.

Do you squint or lean towards the screen while sitting in front of the computer monitor? How do you feel about neck strain and wrinkles? You can avoid these symptoms quite easily thanks to recent innovations in computer display technologies. Help your eyes relax and see better by magnifying parts of the screen! Stop squinting or leaning and fight eye strain with an electronic magnifying glass. Get rid of those wrinkles and forget about pain in the neck with a simple, software-only solution!

Are you giving a presentation, and want to effectively concentrate your audience’s attention on a certain subject? Magnifying part of a presentation screen with a moving magnifying glass works much better than a mouse cursor or a laser pointer! But watch out for low-resolution projectors as they tend to emphasize pixels, giving your image a rough, jagged look. Magnifying Glass Pro is just perfect for this task, providing smooth, pleasant-looking magnified images with no jagged lines. You don’t even have to magnify the image! Just set Magnifying Glass Pro to increase the contrast or color saturation under the electronic loupe, and you’re sure to get your viewer’s attention exactly where you need it to be.

Magnifying Glass Pro electronically magnifies the parts of your computer screen that happen to be under your mouse or text cursor. You can start the loupe by pressing a convenient hot-key, or by simply shaking your mouse – a feature unique to Magnifying Glass Pro. It is much easier to just shake the mouse by moving it here and there in a rapid motion instead of reaching for your glasses!

If you have problems with vision or if you are after some sort of a special effect, look no further. Magnifying Glass Pro can apply a set of stunning visual effects to the magnified image, giving you better contrast and visibility or capturing the viewer’s attention with a visual effect.

Visually impaired computer users will appreciate the ability to see parts of the computer screen more clearly by not only magnifying things under the loupe, but making them crisper and more visible with enhanced contrast.

Increase the image contrast for clearly seeing the fine print, or increase the saturation to view a small image in its best colors, or invert a picture to get an idea of how a color negative would look. Sounds like a lot of configuration clicks every time you need it? But, no, not at all! You can easily have separate profiles for reading the text, drawing pictures, typing or browsing. Switch easily among the profiles to immediately get the effect you’re looking for! You can even have a unique profile for every application on your computer. Magnifying Glass Pro will see which program you are using and adjust the magnification and effect to match your personal preferences automatically and with no intervention needed.

Zooming in to magnify parts of the screen should not be difficult, and Magnifying Glass Pro makes the zoom as simple and easy as possible with the fewest mouse clicks. By using the convenient shake detection triggers, it is possible to invoke the screen magnifier without even a single click!

Magnifying Glass Pro is a fast, easy and convenient way to enhance your computer experience and help ease the strain on your eyes. Download your copy for free at: