Use AHAs Regularly To Stop Acne Formation

AHAs- what are they?

AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy Acids are available in many formulations. You get them both as OTC products and as prescription strength formulations. If you are prone to regular outbreak of acne, it is time for you to think using AHAs regularly to prevent them. Let us discuss why I think AHAs may work as preventives.

Acne and pore block-

One of the main reasons of acne formation is blockage of the pore. If the pore remains open, acne would not form because excess sebum will go out on the skin and get washed away. The blocked pore allows sebum accumulation and inflammation.

AHAs and pores-

AHAs are acidic molecules commonly found in milk, sugarcane juice and many other natural products. These acids perform a very important function on the skin. They dissolve the cement that holds the dead skin cells together and remove the dead cells from the skin surface. While doing this, they open the pores. If you use AHAs everyday, your skin gets very little opportunity to get blocked. Please talk to your doctor and find out if you should use them and if yes, what strength. Your skin type will be important to consider. Please consult your doctor about AHAs.

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