Thinking of Getting Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye correction might just change your life. Literally. My experience seems typical of so many patients who chose to take this route. Thanks to Lasik MD of Windsor, Canada, I now live a life completely free of vision correction. It’s an amazing experience to say the least. While I was quite impressed with the clinic that did our procedure, this is by no means an advertisement for them. This is simply my testimony to how big of a positive impact this procedure could have on your life.

With a corrective near-sighted prescription of -2.75 and -3.25, glasses were not an option in my life, they were an absolute necessity. I couldn’t drive, read, watch television, or clearly recognize a face from ten feet away. Any activity that caused sweat caused irritation… glasses sliding down my nose and slipping from my ears. The battle of the contact lens was a ritual whenever we planned outdoors summer activities. It was simply a part of life and those of you who have to wear glasses know exactly what I’m talking about. Up until recently, it was just something I had to deal with.

The decision to weigh out the risk involved was a short one for me. Sure, you could go blind. You could end up having worse vision. But, we face risk everyday. This is a small risk I was going to face. I had heard from plenty of folks who were thrilled with the results to convince me I was going to do it, once I had the funds. With any surgery, there are possibilities for complications. After calling a few clinics in Michigan, I quickly found that their was a wide range of prices available, but generally speaking, it was quite a bit cheaper to have it done in Canada. If you’re considering surgery, be sure to look into this option before signing up anywhere in the states. Both eyes ended up costing me about $1,500 USD. Of course, you need to consider the costs of travel, hotel, and follow-up care in your budget process. They even take Visa.

I set up my appointment two weeks in advance, and found Lasik MD to be quite flexible in terms of times available. I scheduled my screening, surgery, and immediate follow up care in one three day span of a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Upon arrival, the Lasik MD offices were surprisingly professional, clean, and inviting.

One thing I found was that thinking about the surgery was much worse than the actual procedure. The procedure itself lasted about 15 minutes total. It’s somewhat of an uneasy thought of having someone do anything to your eyes, but again, I had some confidence because of so many positive testimonies from friends. The craziest sensation during the whole process was when they made the initial incision into my eye on the second day. If you’ve ever looked into a kaleidoscope as a child, this is the real thing ~ an odd feeling but completely painless.

I’d have to say the first few days after surgery were a little concerning, as intermittent cloudiness was how my vision went. But after several weeks, this almost completely went away. The halo effects lingered for awhile (you see a glare around lights noticed mostly when driving at night) but this also went away after a couple months.

Today, my vision is officially 20/20. I went out and bought a pair of expensive sunglasses. You know the significance of this if you’re vision impaired! I see absolutely perfectly six months later and have had no regrets at all. In fact, I’d pay $10,000 for the surgery if I had to. It’s that awesome! If you’re interested in reading a more detailed version of our experience, including the disappointment my wife faced with this process, feel free to check out