There’s More Than Meets The Eye

Attractive lighting, effective ventilation. These two aspects of home building have been separated for years. However, thanks to Broan’s series of Decorative Fan/Lights, these two challenges have been combined into one inconspicuous yet attractive product that saves homeowners and contractors valuable time and money.

At first glance, all one sees is a decorative light fixture. But upon further, closer inspection, air is felt to be drawn up and around the light as a result of an inconspicuous exhaust fan.

The Decorative Fan/Light combines elegant styling with effective performance to deliver form and function.

For bathrooms up to 100 square feet in area, the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) recommends an exhaust fan provide one cubic foot/minute (CFM) per square foot (approximately eight air changes per hour) for proper ventilation. The Decorative Fan/ Light from Broan offers two power and sound levels-four models offer 70 CFM with a sound level of 3.5 Sones, while three models feature a more powerful and quiet 80 CFM at 2.5 Sones. A Sone is the sound level of a ventilating product. One Sone roughly equals the sound of a refrigerator when operating in a quiet kitchen.

Ideal for a powder room or a bathroom, such a fixture helps control humidity and odor. However, homeowners are likely concerned about how exhaust fans will look installed in the middle of the room. The Decorative Fan/ Light is available in five corrosion-resistant finishes, including oil-rubbed bronze, pewter, satin nickel, white and nutmeg hand-painted cast, seamlessly blending into just about any décor.

Made of rugged, galvanized steel, each Fan/Light houses a plug-in motor and blower wheel. The plug-in light fixture assembly uses two standard 60-watt candelabra lightbulbs, with tapered four-inch round duct fitting providing easy, positive duct connection and quick and accurate installation.

With this new product, homeowners and contractors can save time and money. Because you’re installing two products at once, there’s less hassle and expense and it provides designers with more options for ventilating a room.