The Top Ten Secrets the Healthiest People in the World Know

Everyone desires to be in good health. No one wants to suffer from sickness and disease. The fact is there are secrets the healthiest people in the world know that most people do not. Let’s discover what the top 10 secrets are.

1. They eat organic fruits and vegetables. The healthiest people in the world eat lots of fresh, organic, and raw fruits and vegetables. They also lightly steam their vegetables if they do not eat them raw. Eating four pieces of fresh, organic fruit and two big organic salads a day would be a good start for most people. Just doing these two things can help many medical conditions.

2. They use juice machines. As most people know, the food supply is not packed with vital vitamins and minerals anymore. While organic fruits and vegetables don’t have all the necessary nutrients, they do have up to ten times the needed vitamins and minerals when compared to non-organic foods. Therefore, when organic fruits and vegetables are juiced, needed vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are consumed. Drinking three to four glasses a day is best.

3. They eat lots of organic nuts and seeds.

4. They get lots of sunlight. Sunlight has enormous health benefits for the body.

5. They eat organic fruit on a daily basis. Organic apples are some of the best fruit to eat.

6. They use natural vitamin E. It is important not to use synthetic vitamin E products, but instead purchase all natural, full spectrum brands. Everyone is nutritionally deficit. Taking vitamin E can prevent heart disease and alleviate depression. They also are many other benefits as well. The bottom line is supplementing with an all natural, full spectrum vitamin E product is a must.

7. They drink “miracle” juices. There are fruits from certain parts of the world that can help heal many diseases. The fruits are typically are bottled since it is difficult to buy them fresh and then juice them. These “miracle” juices are Noni, Mangosteen, Aloe Vera, and Acai Berry. These juices provide super nutrition as well as cleanse and detoxify the body.

8. They use whole food supplements. The healthiest people in the world know it is important to avoid cheap, synthetic vitamins and minerals. They realize concentrated real food has nutrients and living enzymes.

9. They use collodial daily. These supplements include spirulna, whole food herbs, dehydrated juices, chorella, and sprouts.

10. They use oxygen water coolers. Everyone’s body is deficit in oxygen. The healthiest people in the world know that increasing the amounts of oxygen in their bodies alkalizes it and creates a healthy environment where disease can’t reside. A good way for people to get their needed oxygen is through an oxygenated water cooler and not by purchasing it in a store. Using oxygenated water helps people feel full of energy and vitality.

Now, everyone can be privy to the same secrets the healthiest people in the world know and use. Begin to implement at least some of these top ten secrets and become one of the healthiest people in the world.