The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

Taking care of your teeth is a very important task that many people tend to ignore. Forgetting to brush your teeth daily, not flossing your teeth, and avoiding going to the dentist all leads oral problems causing very negative effects to your life. From cavities to bad breath these problems can lead to other problems preventing you to continue with your life normally.

One of the most common ongoing problems with oral hygiene is people refusing or forgetting to bush their teeth on a daily basis. This eventually leads to plaque and other bacteria build up in the mouth which can cause cavities and an unpleasant odor in the mouth which can lower a person’s self esteem by making them more self conscious of themselves and lead to other physical and mental problems.

Cavities are an annoyance but must be avoided if given the possible chance. Hundreds of years ago the connection between poor oral hygiene and cavities may have not been considered common knowledge or even have been discovered but in today’s world where maintaining a healthy body is now important people understand that not brushing your teeth can lead to cavities. Cavities can cause pain in your mouth causing intense pain from any physical contact such as hard foods to your tongue to temperature changes like cold and hot water. Cavities also cause an unpleasant odor which can be noticed by other people within the vicinity.

When other people begin to notice another person’s poor oral hygiene it may have negative affects toward that person such as making them more self conscious about their blacked teeth from the cavities and unpleasant odor that they brought along with them to the social event which can lead to many social problems and missed opportunities. Maintaining a healthy mouth can lead to many positive effects in one’s life.

Another common problem that people have is the misalignment of their teeth. However this problem can be solved by the use of braces. Unlike plastic surgery or other methods of physically changing your appearance of one’s self it is usually done at the whim of their choice. Though physically changing your appearance is usually looked down upon, changing how your teeth looks is more accepted as a medical correction to a deformity.

Teeth weren’t meant to come out crooked or spaced out and therefore are accepted easily by the society when braces or even drastic measures such as surgery is used to correct the alignment of one’s teeth. One reason why this is accepted is that a healthy mouth leads to a healthy life as it is important in society as a person usually needs their mouth to talk to communicate, show emotions, and affections. It won’t be as easy if they keep their mouth shut tight. It is also important in one’s diet where they will need their healthy maintained teeth to properly chew to be able to swallow many of their favorite solid foods.