The Health Of High Fiber Cereals

The thought of eating a high fiber cereal makes some people cringe. It’s probably because for a long time those cereals did not taste much better than chipped cardboard. There have been many studies that all point to the very important benefits to your health from eating whole grains.

With these studies at the forefront of the health food industry, other cereal producers have gone to great lengths to join in the production of whole grain, high fiber cereals. This has made the selection of high fiber cereals almost confusing in their quantity but does insure that the consumer can find a cereal which is both tasty and healthy. The really high percentage fiber products are still somewhat lacking in the taste department, but those with good taste and sufficient fiber are plentiful.

The cereals with the most fiber are typically the all bran type cereals. Cereals such as Fiber One, All Bran, and 100% Bran are some of the highest in fiber. Cereals like Grape Nuts, Raisin Bran, and Kashi are not as high in fiber but certainly make up for the decreased fiber with taste. A person who wants to eat high fiber cereals needs to learn to read the nutrition labels on the cereal boxes to find cereals that they enjoy eating but are also high fiber.

It’s always a good idea to compare a product with one of the heavy fiber products. That way you know how much real fiber it contains. Not all high fiber products are alike, even though the pictures on the box might give the impression of high fiber content. By comparing product labels you can get the real truth about the product.

You can even make your own fiber cereal if you can’t find one that you like on the shelves. You simply mix different cereals. Using a plastic cereal container, cereals such as frosted flakes and fruit loops can be mixed with one of the whole grain high fiber cereals. Fruit and nuts can add a lot of flavor to a high fiber cereal.

It’s important to not only eat for health, but also eat for enjoyment. Some dried fruits, such as apricots, raisins, and prunes, can be very high in fiber. Nuts also will increase the fiber in the cereal mix. Breakfast can be very tasteful and very healthy with a small bit of creativity.