The Health and Wealth Connection

I don’t believe that anybody can have a true abundance in ANY area of their life without first feeling immensely confident in themselves. And the main determining factor in any person’s confidence is how they feel about their physical being (or their body); and the shape and health of a person’s body is determined, to a large extent, by certain universal laws that absolutely must be followed each and every day.

Here’s an example of just one of those laws…I once heard it said that nearly 70% of all the energy a person uses during the course of a single day (70%) is used simply to digest the foods they eat. Therefore, if it takes 100 grams of energy (bear with me for using such basic terminology here) to digest each and every meal you eat during the day, but by improving the efficiency of your metabolism, we can get your body to digest each meal using only 50 grams of energy, then you could have nearly double the energy to put toward all your normal daily activities.

So if one of your main life goals is to make more money, would it beneficial to you if you had more physical energy to do the daily tasks necessary to build your financial streams? What about all the added mental energy that you would have to put towardcreatively designing new ways to handle all the daily challenges that every entrepreneur faces today?

Personally, I never had success in my life until I took control of my body. I remember feeling like a failure in everything I did. I remember not even wanting to go out of the house because I didn’t like the way I looked, in fact, I specifically remember not wanting to leave the house even to go to the store to buy food because I hated the way I looked in all of my clothes.  

Today, I rarely think about the clothes I’m going to put on each day because I feel confident that, no matter what I wear, my body will make those clothes look good. All clothes just hang better on a body that’s in shape. That means that guys who wear their shirts ‘untucked’ no longer HAVE to do that (unless they truly like that style) – and women who wear black because it’s ‘slimming’ can now wear any color they like – because their BODY will make that color look good on them.  

This is the way everyone should feel! When I finally took charge of my physique, everything in my life got better – my social life improved, my health improved, my family life improved, my spiritual life improved, and my financial life skyrocketed. I went from feeling like nobody noticed me to being picked out in a crowd of people (the right people).

Here’s a horrible fact that I regularly speak about in my teleseminars and live events; in today’s society, without a nice body, people subconsciously make life a bit harder for you. You see it all the time. People who are in good shape almost always get treated differently by others. Now I’m not saying that’s fair it’s absolutely not – but it’s a fact of life, so why not take advantage of it? You see, you can’t change the fact that most everybody else in the world seems to treat good-looking people better, but you can change the one person who really matters, and that’s you. You can make yourself as strong and healthy-looking as possible, making life easier for you and setting a good example for your family so that they can also live a more successful and healthy life.

Good looking people climb the corporate ladder faster, they portray more authority when they stand in front of their staff, they get more preferential treatment, and they have far more stamina to take on all the work that’s necessary in order to build a powerful company or business.

There are eight people in my inner circle of friends, all of which own businesses which gross from $5 million to $700 million annually – the bigger the business, the more focus that owner puts on staying in top shape. These people aren’t stupid, they don’t want to grow a huge company then not be in good enough health to enjoy the rewards — and the secret that all of these folks have is that being in good shape didn’t start when they became successful – it started way before that – and probably had a lot to do with their success.