Psychosomatic Illness

Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual health problem that is now rising among men. This condition is characterized by a man’s failure to perform an erection, keep an erection long enough to finish the sexual intercourse, or fail to have an ejaculation. This is the reason why men fail to perform well in bed. This ailment is not just a condition caused by old age or disease. Unhealthy lifestyles which includes excessive drinking, smoking, and unhealthy diets may contribute to the development of ED. In addition to these factors, ED can also be caused by physical abnormalities or it could be a product of mental disturbance. Understanding these factors can help people suffering from ED improve sexual performance and overall well-being.

Diabetes has also been known to cause ED because it affects some, if not all the bodily systems such as the circulatory, nervous, and the endocrine systems. The organs in these systems all work in harmony to let blood flow into the penis so that erection can take place. In addition, a number of medical studies show that diabetic persons are more likely to have low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for the enhancement of libido or sexual energy. Men with type 1 diabetes are more likely to become impotent once they reach 40 years of age.

However, horny goat weed (Epemedium) and sildenafil are proven to be a safe and effective treatment for ED caused by diabetes. They work by improving blood flow in the penis and thereby enhance sexual pleasure and performance. It also helps men increase their stamina, last longer during sex, and reduce premature ejaculation. In addition, to its sexual benefits, horny goat weed is safe and may bring minimal side effects.

Impotence can also be a psychosomatic or psychological illness. Stress or exhaustion may be possible factors that contribute to this kind of sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that many ED cases are result of an underlying physical disorder. People who are unaware of of this disorder may develop stress build up over a period of time and worsen the case of sexual dysfunction. Individuals who are suffer from psychological ED may benefit from counseling. This may help identify unspoken reasons that can be remedied or reduce its effect through proper treatment.

To keep stress levels under control, the body’s well-being during stressful situations. The following methods have been proven to be very beneficial in relaxing the mind and therefore relieve mental and emotional troubles:

· Journaling or keeping a diary
· Cardiovascular and Resistance Exercises
· Ashtanga Yoga
· Listening to classical music
· Art Therapy
· Tai Chi Chuan
· Transcendental Meditation

In addition to these activities, a healthy and balanced diet should also be included in one’s daily routine. Plenty of vegetables, protein, and whole wheat foods can help reduce emotional troubles and make people feel more energized and less sluggish. Doing this will go a long way in getting individuals back in the mood. Sexual difficulties that are brought by diabetes and psychosomatic illness can be treated with alternative medicine and adjustments in lifestyles. However, health and medical experts should be consulted to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of activities or herbs. This condition can treated, but it should be done with advice of medical professionals. Improving sexual health by changing lifestyles, improving food regimens, or including exercise programs as part of one’s daily routines should be done to complement medical or alternative medicines.