Proclear Lenses

After a few hours of wearing contact lens your eyes tend to dry up and you will feel scratchy. This happens because contact lenses are foreign bodies lodged in your eyes, which is completely unacceptable to the body. The body, therefore, reacts to its presence by fighting the contacts with proteins and lipids, which builds protein deposits on the contacts thereby creating friction and dryness.

In other words, the user of the contacts finds himself caught in the battle between the body and the lenses like an innocent civilian in the middle of a battlefield.

It is in order to circumvent this difficulty that proclear lenses have stepped in. A substance called phosphorylcholine (PC for short) is found naturally in the body. This substance is used to make biocompatible lenses, which remain moist and dry throughout the day. They are different from ordinary contact lenses primarily because due to the presence of PC the body accepts them more easily and does not react to its presence. In other words, despite being a foreign body, it does not appear and feel foreign to the body.

Secondly, they preserve moisture and are, to a large extent, resistant to dehydration, which makes them stay moist all day long. Besides, they also have a water layer which bars the protein and lipid deposition.

Most of the itching and irritation in the eyes is caused due to protein deposition which is a result of restricted oxygen supply through the lens. The proclear lenses disallow the deposition, thus facilitating the supply of oxygen. These lenses are an innovation in the field of contact lenses and have so far been found to work to the utmost satisfaction of the users. However, the comfort level may fluctuate among the users, which means some may be more satisfied than the others.

So, if you are unhappy with your present contacts, you may consider switching to the proclear kind, which might prove a boon right from the blues. It is, however, recommended that before switching over you consult your eye specialist so that he could advice you on the pros and cons of it.