Nose has Eyes Too

There are 6 things that your scent should do for you, when it comes to a man.

1. Make a statement about you: This is important when
picking a cologne or perfume. You can usually tell by the
name. Your cologne talks to him. It might say, ” The lady is sweet and of a gentle heart.” or it my say, “She is a Tiger. Can you handle it?”, and it could even leave him in mystery. When a man has questions about you he begins to seek for answers. This is where the fun begins. He does cute things like mention the husband or boyfriend you don’t have, to find out if you are single without asking, “Are you single?” Let him have that one for free. Let him be creative to get the rest of his questions the answered. See yourself as a treasure chest. He is a great explorer (or my favorite the handsome bad-boy pirate).

2. Leave an impression on him: You are branding yourself in his mind, as scent is the closest thing tide to memory. He will associate your fragrance with your face, your
personality and your grace. He will carry that memory in the same place in his mind where he carries his favorite food and that is a good place to be in his mind.

3. Linger after you are gone: You can leave your scent on
his cloths, furniture and pillows.This is important. This is
like leaving a remnant of your presence with him. This will
cause him to slip into a day dream involving you. Every time he is near that chair or pillow (even after the fragrance has faded into nothing) he will think of you. Pretty soon just being in the room will make him think of you. You will never know this. He will never tell you, but it is true. The same thing happens to us women when a man smells good. Smell is an invisible charmer.

4. Keep his attention on you: You know the phrase, “All eyes on you”. His eyes will follow you to know end when ever you are near. He’ll find himself following you around while trying to keep his cool. He’ll be talking to someone and loose his train of thought when you pass by and suddenly you will be the most important thing in the room. He’ll more than notice you; he’ll want to know you. If you’ve got the attitude to go with your fragrance, he will want you.

5. Replay you in his mind: He can’t stop thinking about
little things you did around him like your laugh, your walk.
Even the goofy stuff you don’t think is cute, he’ll fine so
cute. He will connect to you and not even really know why. Then the rest is up to you.

6. Make him thirst for you: He’ll go out of his way to see
you. When a man smells something good, he usually wants to eat it. So let him eat the flavor of you up.