It has come to my attention that wearing glasses stinks. My father wears glasses, and i dont know if it is that I didnt want to hear it, or I just plain ignored him, but apparently he has been complaining about glasses since I was young. Well pops, do something about it!

Actually I can’t be that rude, he has done something about it. He now wears contacts and loves every minute of it. He says it is WAY different than glasses. With glasses, apparently, you can see clear straight ahead, but it is blurry peripherally. The deal with contacts is, you don’t have any blurry vision at all, which I hear is nice.

Contacts, however, still leave you with a few jobs. These duties entail taking them in and out, replacing them if lost, and keeping them moist when they are not in. When dad wakes up in the morning he still has bad vision, because you can not wear contacts overnight. Well what else can he do?!

EYE SURGERY! True, it’s expensive, but after this it’s like you’ve never worn glasses before in your life. Your riding high on the “I can see clearly” cloud. Eye surgery is low risk, so dont be too afraid to try it out. That’s the next step for dad I think. In my opinion, your eyes are a pretty good investment.