Keeping your eye on the Big Picture

We are constantly bombarded by sales messages every second of the day. Buy this. Do that. And quite often the next thing that comes around looks like the next big thing. It’s so easy to get distracted off what you were doing and never quite finish it.

The only real method of preventing this is self-discipline. Make it a rule to complete what you started before going on to the next thing. If you are working in a day job, then this is even more vital, since your time is even more precious. I have tons of projects I am working on at any one time, so I’m not just talking out my hat.

I have adwords, web site development. I also do real live sales. It’s a juggling act and sometimes it’s so easy to just flit about and apparently do nothing. The only time I manage to get something done, is when I say to myself – right – that’s it – I’m going to finish that now.

Keeping your eye on the big picture is key. What is your goal? The goal will align everything and all your activities should fall into place around it. It is like the guide to your daily life. When you wander off. Remember the goal you can get yourself on track again.

This is what I do and it helps me. So I hope it helps you too.