It is risky my brother says

I wear eyeglasses because when I was small I used to love reading books, still do but as a result, as my mum says, my eyesight is weak. My family members are lucky because they don’t need any aid for vision. I have been called many names for wearing eyeglasses, including “4 eyes” and “scientist”.

I have tried wearing contact lenses; they are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century but unfortunately they didn’t work out for me. This is because I have a habit of washing my face and splashing my eyes, during washing 2 or 3 times a day with cold water. I lost quite a few contact lenses as a result. I stopped splashing my eyes with cold water when my mum threatened me that she would put cello tap on my eyes. Still those were not a good choice for me because I suffer from hay fever, and I constantly have to rub my eyes and put eye drops, especially in summer when the pollen count is higher.

Some people are lucky, doesn’t matter whichever eyeglasses they wear they look cool and intelligent. I am not one of those lucky ones I suppose and which my brother reminds me almost everyday. When I first heard about laser eye surgery I thought that my prayers have been answered. Finally a way for me to get rid of my glasses and contact lenses, I thought. Is it?

While laser eye surgery could be the best solution for someone like myself but this is not without certain risks. The word surgery itself is quite scary, but the good news it, it takes less then a minute for the laser procedure. The problem is you have to be the right candidate for it. Which means if you decide to have eye surgery and contact the laser eye clinic, the eye professional will ask you or give you a list of questions to answer. Based upon your answers and medical history, the eye professional will decide the best option for you. In some cases eye professional might show you the door, because it might be better for you not to have the eye surgery.

The procedure actually involves removing a hair thin part of your cornea for the best vision to be achieved. The good thing is it can cure imperfections in the eyes, nearsightedness, farsightedness or even astigmatism. It takes few days for recovery but after that your eyes are cured and you won’t need any aid for vision. The risk is low with laser eye surgery because the decision is not in your hand. You can decide to get the eye surgery but if you are not the best candidate your surgeon will refuse to carry out because of the risks involved.

Even if you are the best candidate the eye professional will still inform you about the risks involved after the surgery. Since computer is used for controlling laser to remove tissue, you can be assured that the procedure or surgery will be almost perfect. As with any other surgery, you must remember that no surgeon in his right mind would give you any sort of guarantee. Some people have complained about night vision problem and light sensitivity after the surgery but the numbers are very small. Some statistic shows problems of about 3 to 4 in 5000 so realistically numbers are very small.

Other risks of laser eye surgery, which have been noted in some people, include double vision, dry eye syndrome, I have mentioned already about light sensitivity and night vision problems. Some people would still need eyeglasses even after the surgery. These are the risks your eye professional or surgeon will inform you as well. You must remember to inform eye surgeon your medical history, any eye diseases you might have, even if you suffer from hay fever you must inform your eye surgeon.

So far the statistic shows that there is improvement in vision but not all of them who have got it done achieved a perfect vision. As the time progresses we would be able to find more about it in few years time. One thing is for sure laser eye surgery is here to stay, because the eye surgeons are much more careful and the success rate is higher and is ever increasing day by day. Another good news is the prices are also going down day by day as the people are queuing up to get it done.

A word of warning, if you have family members like mine then it would be best if you let them know about it after you have gone through the eye surgery. My brother did a very through research on the risks and negative side of laser eye surgery. Even he discovered few eye surgeons who wear eyeglasses themselves. I truly confess that it is impossible for me to win an argument with my brother. But this time I am sure that I am on the winning side. You can find more information on the following website address and I hope this would be helpful to you.