Innovative Makeup Prevents Eye Irritation

Most women have experienced itchy, watery eyes, often attributing irritation and allergic reactions to their cosmetics. But contrary to that belief, mascaras and eyeliners flaking and running into the eyes – not allergies – cause most eye problems.

With this in mind, cosmetics companies such as Blinc Inc. uncovered new developments in eye makeup technology that have resolved these problems. Unlike most eyeliners and mascaras, Blinc’s Kiss Me Mascara and Kiss Me Eyeliner are acrylic-based, which means they cannot flake, smudge, clump or run. Blinc’s mascara and eyeliner are also free of damaging and irritating ingredients.

“The type of acrylic used in this eyeliner is also perfectly safe even in terms of allergy,” Dr. Frances J. Storrs, a professor emerita of dermatology at Oregon Health & Science University, said in a Prevention magazine article featuring Blinc’s eyeliner.

Some ophthalmologists are even recommending Kiss Me Mascara and Eyeliner to their patients who have sensitive eyes, wear contact lenses or recently had laser eye surgery.

Kiss Me Mascara forms tiny, water-resistant tubes around the lashes that can be removed with a combination of warm water and gentle friction. The similarly formulated Kiss Me Eyeliner creates a water-resistant layer of color on the lid that peels off with the mascara. No makeup removers are needed for these products.

Also important for maintaining healthy eyes is replacing your mascara and eyeliner regularly; the beauty industry recommends replacing eye makeup every 90 days to avoid bacteria build-up.

Similarly, cosmetics – especially eye makeup – should never be shared with others, as this can increase the spread of germs.

Many physicians also recommend that you preserve the health of your eyes through antioxidant- and lutein-rich supplements. One such product is Super Antioxidant with Macular Protection by Clinician’s Choice.