Improved Eye Vision

Do you the feeling of getting up in the morning and everything is blurry? Not be able to tie your shoo, get dressed, or even find the sink to wash your face. The disappointment when your glasses break, in the most important moment. Always end your trip or some other fun activity. Entering a warm room on a cold day and wait 10 minutes for the fog to come off your glasses. Not to mention the pressure wounds on your nose bridge and at the back of your ears.

One might think that contact lenses are the answer to his problem as I thought years ago. I have checked contact lenses. But they scratches my eyes, switched to soft lenses which kept moving in my eyes and cause me several eye infections. The worst part of wearing contact lenses is the any windy weather or even some dust hearts your eye. In a nut shell I have had to give up on them as well. Not to mention the enormous investment and maintenances you need to afford.

Then I had to get back to my glasses, my self-confidence went down, and I could not go out or enjoy any water related or ball games. I knew that I not will do the laser correction surgery I have a cousin who lost here vision in one eye and badly damaged her other eye. I really want see for the rest of my life so I will have to give that up.

At this point I have started my own investigation to find a cure to my eyes or simply improve eye vision. I have found that my doctors kept me the same or worst as my eye prescription went up and all they did was giving a thicker lens. I have found out that Astigmatism can be cured and that it’s not something I have to live with. I have found out that I need to prepare my eyes for the coming day, consume nutrition, vitamins and minerals and relaxation which is one of the most important factors.

The thing that finally, along with all the relaxation and special food ingredients, helped me was exercising.
I have set my self to a schedule of exercising and relaxation and after three months I have began to see some real improvement in my vision. Today, I have regained 90% of my original vision back, I do not see perfectly but I mange with out any help and I am very happy, I am looking forward to more improvement in the future.

The exercises are very simple. Every one can perform them, and they take very short time too. I perform three types of eye exercise and relax between them. The relaxation is simply place my hands over my closed eyes.