Fight Against Diabetes

In 1986, Greg LeMond became the first American to win the largest single annual sporting event in the world, the Tour de France. LeMond went on to taste victory again in the 1989 Tour de France, and again one month later in the 1989 World Championships. Then, as a final coup before retiring from competitive cycling, LeMond won another historic Tour de France for the third time in 1990.

LeMond’s legend has always been measured by his unrivaled levels of courage and tenacity and now, 20 years after the date of his first Tour de France triumph, he has taken on an equally courageous challenge-to find a cure for diabetes.

Greg LeMond joins the American Diabetes Association (ADA) as the Honorary Chairperson for Tour de Cure, the Association’s premiere annual cycling event, which raises money for diabetes research, information, advocacy and public awareness efforts. Tour de Cure takes place nationwide and is a ride-not a race-that encourages people to dust off their bicycles and join thousands of other riders who are pedaling for a cure.

“I am proud to be the Honorary Chairperson for ADA’s Tour de Cure event,” says LeMond. “The Tour de Cure is one powerful way for all of us to become champions in the fight against diabetes.”

Nearly 21 million children and adults have diabetes, a 14 percent increase since 2003. Another 41 million people are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death by disease in the United States.

Greg LeMond will be on hand to present the top Tour de Cure fundraisers with the Champion for Diabetes Award. Top fundraisers will also qualify to win one of several official LeMond Bicycles donated by the champion himself.

The Tour de Cure national presenting sponsor is Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. Other sponsors include Gold’s Gym, Performance Bicycles, LeMond Fitness, Discovery Health Channel, and LeMond Racing Cycles-the official bicycle of the Tour de Cure.