Diabetes the Wall Of Feelings

The physical characteristics of diabetes are well chronicled. The emotional aspects may not be so good. Here is a small list of the feelings I experienced and the influence they had on me.

SELF-DENIAL: Firstly when I had been told that I had diabetes, this was the first emotional feeling I had. Maybe it was a cool way the doctor told me I had the disease in my life. He did not handle it very well which pushed me to be in the stage such feelings. Those feelings prolonged me in getting control of the disease. Controlling diabetes at the initial stage of detection crucial.

ANGER: The next consequent feeling I had was anger. The moment I was set in the disease I was crazy and gone mad. Mad at my doctor, mad at God, mad on everything for making my simple life so difficult. Mad on my new born disease for making my life miserable and exaggerating me.

WITHDRAWAL: Right from the begging I was very fun loving guy. The retail food business sort of demands that, when I got to know my new disease I could see how slowly I began to withdrew and became more down to earth. My pleasing personality slowly started changing as well. I became more serious and less fun loving.

DEPRESSION: There were times when I became totally depressed with my newly found disease. Each and every new changes I made for my new diet plan, the long list of medications for the complication that are arising, the never ending war of weight loss; the stress of knowing the complications that can be develop on me; the list goes on.

These were the major feelings I experienced, there are other also.

The most important thing is to have a great support team surrounding you and your family, spouse, doctor, nutritionist, etc. all those who can provide the feeling you will need to cope with this disease. There are support groups at most hospitals that may help too.