Alternative Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin condition from which most of us have suffered at one time or another, especially in our teens, but for most people it lasted only for a year or two. However it is possible to have this common condition at any time in your life, and many people are plagued by acne throughout their adult lives, and find themselves in an endless search for a drug or product which will end their problem for ever.

Acne itself is a condition caused by excess oil in the skin, and this oil breaks down into fatty acids which cause the skin to inflame. This normally takes place on the face and neck, but can also create more serious scars in addition to the common spots and pimples.

There are many natural and alternative acne treatments available in preference to the conventional chemical acne creams and lotions. Although not technically an alternative acne treatment, as a first step it is advisable to analyze your diet as this can often contribute significantly to the condition. Avoiding processed and prepackaged food is advisable for all of us, regardless of any skin conditions, but an unprocessed food diet should be particularly beneficial for those suffering from acne. Fried and fatty oily food and food cooked in vegetable oils will contribute to the oils which cause acne, but healthy oils such as those contained in fish such as sardines can be consumed, these are known as Omega 3 oils.

A healthy diet will also improve how your body processes food and integral to this is drinking lots of water. Most of us do not drink enough water, only getting part of our necessary intake though the water contained in other products and beverages. Drinking water, up to 10 glasses a day or more, will help to cleanse your system of many of the oils and toxins which may contribute to acne.

Another alternative acne treatment with potential benefits is increasing your vitamin intake. This can be done by buying vitamin tablets and supplements, but care must be taken as high levels of vitamins in the body can also be harmful. Vitamin A supplements can help with acne but as with all supplements they should be taken in moderation and preferably in consultation with your doctor. Similarly Zinc is often seen as an aid to alleviating acne symptoms, as it can help inflammation reduction and helps the immune system which protects against infection. Zinc can be found in foods such as liver eggs and seafood in particular. There are other products created from herbs which are reportedly able to help acne sufferers.

Overall the best advice to those afflicted by acne who want to avoid conventional chemical treatments is to start with a healthy diet, and give this new regime a chance to work. Locate one of the many sites or books outlining a healthy eating plan concentrating on those foods which contain little fatty vegetable oils and significant omega 3 oils, and critically drink lots of water. This simple change may be enough to alleviate many of your acne symptoms.