Adult Acne Treatments

When searching for adult acne treatments that will help you eliminate your stubborn adult acne and on-going blemish breakouts, you need to look back in your life and ask yourself some lifestyle changing questions so you can find the best solution for your acne eliminating needs!

If you have suffered with acne breakouts your entire teenage years, you may understand what needs to be done for the treatment of your pimples, or you may know exactly the treatment product necessary for elimination and daily maintenance.

However, if you had clear skin as a teen, and now that your body is changing due to hormones or pregnancy, you may suddenly experience a change in your complexion and may not know exactly how to handle the new changes in your skin.

When your pimple breakouts occur, if you notice you’re getting an increase in blackheads and whiteheads in combination to excess blemishes, try to think back and remember how your skin has been in the past. If your skin was clear due to good eating habits, low stress levels, and you were getting at least 8 hours or more of sleep prior to getting your adult acne, then that’s the first place you want to start.

For example: As a teenager, if you slept more than eight hours a day, drank plenty of water, and you ate more vegetables and fruit, and now as an adult you only get 4 hours of sleep, you drink less water, and you’re not eating the same level of fruits and veggies, then you may want to adjust these areas first. If you change these habits, and notice no change, you then have to go to the next step, and make an appointment to see a dermatologist.

When All Else Fails, Visit A Dermatologist To Get The Bottom Of Your Adult Acne Issues!

If you can’t figure out why you’re still having skin problems after you made necessary internal lifestyle changes, then you should see the skin professionals to find out what’s causing your stubborn adult zits, and you may be enlightened once you visit your local dermatologist.

Depending on the severity of your skin condition, you may soon find out the condition you have is caused by several circumstances. For women, acne and increased blemishes can be easily caused by hormonal changes due to pregnancy. A woman that is pregnant will have to look at alternative safe skin programs, and natural skin products would be a place to start. Women with hormonal changes that are not currently going through a pregnancy can look at other options such as oral acne medication or antibiotics, but keep in mind that this method should not be a long-term solution, so if you can avoid internal medication, look at other alternatives.

Men are somewhat different, and in most cases, increased acne causing a blemished complexion could be the lack of facial care, or mental stress in your life. For men in general, a good blemish cleansing and facial exfoliating routine combined with a healthy diet are the first steps to follow; however, we encourage that men see a skin doctor to assess their adult skin problems.

Acne and aging is a complex situation, and there is never one solution to every individual adult suffering from pimple breakouts. There are many contributing factors such as your body’s changes during puberty, and for women, even the type of cosmetics you may be applying to your face. Your facial skin consists of thousands of pores, follicles, skin and oil. Any negative balance, and you have a recipe for facial infections, plus outbreaks that can lead to many skin imperfections and severe scarring for a very long time.

We touched briefly on what may contribute to your adult acne, and some of the changes that may be occuring in your body internally and also externally. Now, to find out how you can start a program to eliminate your adult blemish problem: I encourage you to read our article on where I break down some of the top adult acne systems that target stubborn facial and body acne.