Adult Acne Information

A common misconception about acne is that it only afflicts teens and people in the adolescent age group. However the truth is that a large number of adults do suffer from it. This leads to physical, psychological and social effects on persons suffering from acne.

This effects can be long-lasting and cause problems. With adults, acne leaves behind permanent and ugly scars since as the skin ages and loses collagen, it takes longer for the scars to heal.

It may be hard to diagnose psychological effects due to common misconceptions that accompany them. For instance it would be logical to say that the psychological effects of adult acne is easier to deal with since the person has matured and is not prone to teenage tantrums. However in actual reality the psychological effect in adults may be even worse, since this is a condition perceived to be specific to teens.

Nowadays it is easier for adults to seek treatment from dermatologists as acne continues being recognized as a problem not confined only to teens but also to adults. Sales of over-the counter treatments have increased as well as awareness about adult acne.

Research into adult acne has been extensively applied to determine it’s causes and effects on older patients. this directly leads to increased awareness about the condition and makes it easier for more people to seek treatment.

Nowadays information about the condition is readily available from the web, medical journals and publication. This means that the public can better understand it and how to combat it. More care is also given to the psychological effects it has on adults. Remember that they, just like teens are affected by people’s attitudes towards them and how they are perceived.

In summary, the key to treating this affliction is to understand what causes it.Knowledge about it,and how to treat it’s physical manifestation means that the social and psychological problems can be treated as well.