Acne When It Becomes Severe

Acne Vulgaris-

We all know of common acne that is called acne vulgaris. But there are severe forms of acne that have different names. They are difficult to treat and cause lot of mental agony and skin scars. Let us find out something about the severe forms of acne.

Acne Conglobata-

If acne vulgaris suddenly flares up and instead of settling down begins forming more inflammation and nodules with deep cysts that infect the deep insides it is called Acne Conglobata. You will find many body parts full of blackhead sin this and a nodule with surrounding comedones. The nodules get infected, and after treatment leave scars. This form of acne cannot be treated with OTC medication. You must approach a doctor and get it treated.

Acne Fulminans-

This acne type generally follows untreated acne conglobata. This causes fever and forms deeper abscesses. Doctors may use steroids and other anti-inflammatory agents to treat this condition.

Gram Negative Folliculitis-

This is not acne, but inflammation of the hair follicle. It causes pustules around the hair follicle and may even form boils around them. This is treated with antibiotics. Isotretinoin is commonly used for all severe forms of acne with other medications.

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